What is GDPR?

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is the basic framework for the protection of the personal, digital information of EU citizens. The GDPR lays out the detailed requirements governing the collection, use, sharing and protection of personal information.

The GDPR replaces the EU’s existing data protection rules, which were already among the strictest in the world. Previous EU data protection rules were provided in a directive, which means that EU member states were required to pass legislation to make those rules binding.

The GDPR is a regulation, which means it is directly effective and applies uniformly throughout the EU, and in three other nations that are part of the European Economic Area: Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland. The GDPR was adopted in April, 2016, and will enter into force on May 25th, 2018.

As a leading encryption platform, InfoBay provides a solution that will enhance enterprise security, while at the same time enforcing regulatory compliance on all levels:

  • Encrypted email communication with any external recipient (mass encrypted emails, person-to-person, server-to-server, and more)
  • Data encryption
  • Strong IM (identity management)

Who is affected by GDPR?

The GDPR’s primary objectives are to return citizens’ control of their personal data, and to simplify the regulatory environment for international businesses by unifying the regulation within the EU. In short, with the introduction of the GDPR, encryption and other security measures have been established, as the data protection standards and responsible organizations are expected to comply or face the consequences.

What happens if I ignore the GDPR?

For the most serious violations, organizations can be fined up to a maximum of €20 million or 4% of annual worldwide turnover, whichever is greater. (This is much greater than previous penalties for violating EU data protection rules.)

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