The InfoBay family of products is uniquely suited to the needs of the insurance industry, providing secure, regulatory-compliant solutions for transmitting sensitive information to suppliers, agents, and customers.

InfoBay originally founded by Comtec, the leader of the insurance software market in Israel since 1976, in order to address the insurance industry’s need for solutions that fortify information security, offer greater customer service and save money.


  • InfoBay integrates with the insurance company’s core systems by enabling the enterprise to automatically and securely distribute system-generated reports to suppliers, agencies, agents, and insured customers.
  • InfoBay monitors and tracks delivery. The company systems and employees receives confirmation when the recipient has accessed the message via InfoBay.
  • InfoBay archives and tracks all the transmitted data in one central repository, per every insurance company policy.
  • InfoBay allows suppliers and agents to easily access their highly important documentation such as reports, forms, pictures and invoices from an easy-to-use encrypted web based environment 
  • InfoBay offers easy authentication. The insured customer – unlikely to remember his/her login access to the insurance company’s website – will have the option to authenticate either by 2FA (two factor) authentication over the website or to receive an encrypted PDF via email.

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