New rules. New players. New game. Today's government requires a forward-thinking partner. InfoBay in government is revolutionizing successful delivery, security and privacy in the stream of information between governments, citizens and external channels.

Even though fax is an ancient and unsecured technology, it is still very commonly used in government. Despite that fact, governments are now starting to realize that paper is no longer the main communication tool between them and citizens.
InfoBay is one step ahead in digital transformation for governments who wish to meet their citizens’ needs for quick, responsive correspondence capabilities, such as secure emailing back and forth, uploading files and monitoring history,  while simultaneously protecting security and privacy.
Putting the citizens’ need at the center while addressing government security concerns , InfoBay creates a digital dialog in a push mode, that interacts in one platform in a secured manner.


  • Efficiency: With InfoBay’s easy-to-use products, government agencies enjoy a boost in efficiency and resulting savings from the move to paperless communications.
  • Simplicity: Facilitate verified communications between government agencies and citizens,
    municipalities, companies and service providers.
  • Security: Digital communication without any compromise of cyber security protection.

We invite you to join us for a live infoBay demo.

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